Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Here's Looking at YOU...

Part 5, Page 24, Chapter 2017 peering outside of myself and looking at you.  Fierce sister, tenacious survivor, walking softly but carrying a big stick.  Carving out your course, your way...choosing to do what you do with your signature on it.  You know who you are and you embrace that knowledge.  You move with ease from one season to the other without missing a beat.  You make it look so easy, smooth operator, embrace that space.  Looking at you inspires me to continue, I see you gently making waves, changing the scene so discreetly many don't even notice.  By the power vested in you, you are making a difference bigger than yourself, larger than your issues that will impact generations
yet to be born.  I see you because I am you and we are much, much better together.  Here's looking at you and moving on to do greater ...#WRGS!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Part 4, Page 11, Chapter 2017 Now rising to the occasion, it's that
moment.  I realize that I have been enabled and am now empowered to deliver the same that has been provided to me.  I have been enabled by love to love.  Beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations I have been enveloped with this love that lifted me to heights unfathomable and peace beyond my understanding.  I have no other option except to share freely what I have so freely been given.  So, as this substance has been poured into me and has overflowed, into my I share with you.  Up with the cup this Love's for you.  Remember when in the midst of difficulty and the grips of despair have taken hold on you...YOU ARE LOVED.  No matter what is happening or not happening, when you have done it all right or when you missed a beat, YOU ARE LOVED.  After the storm and before the sunshine is revealed YOU ARE LOVED.  This love is the enabler and one of the most important essentials for the journey.  You are loved by me simply because of you!  Rise to the occasion, it's that moment and know that YOU ARE LOVED!