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My sisters, we continue to learn our ABC's, these are ABC's for "Certain Women". Welcome to the Blog......

Do you know that you have an impact on everyone that comes into contact with you. You have the ability to change a person's entire life, just by the initial meeting. What an amazing Epiphany. You can bring life or death, joy or sadness, peace or chaos, just by contact with an individual. As we continue our quest for FULLNESS and GLORY....I would like to share with you from my spirit, that you should, make it your business to INSPIRE IMPLICITLY. Inspire, according to Webster means to guide or affect by divine influence. You have that ability....and when you focus on what to do with the Power you should always be to bring out the good and not the bad, to seek a positive result rather than negative, to help those in your circle, outside of your circle and near your circle to be better because they came in contact with you.



I greet you all today, trusting that you are being encouraged as we learn and apply our ABC's. Today is the fifth day of the third month in the year of FULLNESS AND GLORY.

Seeking FULLNESS and allowing God to Get the GLORY is the theme for this year. I just celebrated 23 years of marriage on February 22, 2009. I continue to trust God for 23 more years. I have learned much as woman, a mother, a wife, which I believe has resulted in the fact that I stand to day, acknowledging that I am a CERTAIN woman.

The result of the many lessons of life, surviving and thriving when the odds have been stacked against me. Dreaming and hoping when no one else could see the vision. Recognizing the greatness in others and being ok with esteeming others higher then myself. There are certain things that we hold on to as women, or that we should hold on to. Certain things the we should keep sacred, stashed away in our special places for use as needed. Yes, there are somethings we must HOARD. One of them i…