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Press!!!! The time is now,  there is no option for turning back!  What is needed now is the Press.  The definition of Press-move or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force.  It is a verb, action is required to move from this point.  There is no time for slack or turning back.  The Press is moving us even when we feel like we cannot move on our own.  We are in the Press, we are required to Press, we must accept the Press and we will experience the move.  The next move will greater than any we have experienced before.  The move that we thought we would not see, the move that did not seem possible.  Now we can, now it is...but the only way to the Glory is by way of the Press.  Need to get rid of the wrinkles, straighten out the rough places...Press.  The heat may be applied during the process, but the end result will be smooth all over.  Press...we can, you can, we must, step in, without hesitation and reservation.  Get in there, find…


STAY there, above the ashes.  Don't worry about the wind that is blowing in your face right will subside in a little while.  Don't be concerned about the unknown, it will be handled by He who knows all.  Your destiny is sure, your purpose secure and the plans He has for you are settled in heaven and will MANIFEST on earth.  You were created for His Glory...and His investment in you will yield a great return.   STAY there, above and not beneath, ahead and not behind.  STAY on the front line, poised to answer and move when called upon.  STAY there above the ashes...Life depends on you ... not just your own!!!!
Page 1, part 11 Chapter 2013...First day of my birth month, as I continue turning the page.  Thrilled to have been chosen to be one of many subjects in the Master's Chronicles.  Prepared for the greater of His promises.  Looking forward to locking arms with CERTAIN Women in our quest, pursuit, journey for destiny and purpose fulfillment.  Grateful for this author who inspired me to love him.  Grateful for the author who provided words to my bosom and allowed me the opportunity to share and impact nations with those words.  I am today, simply grateful for the promise kept by HIM, to never leave me or forsake me.  Even when I did not deserve His Love...He still loved and gave.  
Today my dear readers, I have completed one chapter, one piece, one volume and I am more than ever ready to go on.
The Story behind my praise.