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Stronger than I thought

STRONGER THAN I THOUGHT, the weight capacity was not written clearly on the package that contained me.However, it became evident that it was beyond my expectation.
I thought the extra weight would crush the frame, destroy the structure and nothing would remain, but, I bore more, much more than I could have ever imagined.
And as I am still standing, amazed to be standing, grateful to be standing, I realize that I am stronger, much STRONGER THAN I THOUGHT.

Deneane Sutton
October 11, 2012
A Daily Piece/A Daily Peace

At Peace with Each Piece -- One Piece at a Time

Gathering each piece, one by one;

Carefully I pick them up from the places they have scattered.

I reach here and there to bring them all in.

I pull some from near and far, some from you and some from me.

Steadily I stack the pieces

Line them up, put them together.

I step back and examine this beautiful work of artistry.

This creation would have been impossible without each piece.

I take them, each piece, one at a time and I remember.

I remember and appreciate how I obtained it, I remember and I appreciate the necessity of it,

I remember and I appreciate the fact that I did not know when I first obtained it, that I would require it, but I am happy, so happy that each piece fits into the purpose of my life. And I vow to remember and appreciate all of the pieces of my purpose. I accept them for my life, I expect them without strife, each piece, every piece, one piece at a time.



Questions, there are so many, answers, but a few, Trust and Faith abound, uncertain what to do. 
So steadily I stand, knees buckle under me, so steadily I balance on strength that is not my own.
So steadily, I focus my eyes on the true object of my affection.
So steadily, I feel more stable, more able to reach the vision I see in my minds eye.
Questions many, answers few, trust and faith abound, I do what I must do!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily Peace....
Daily Piece....