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Today is the Beginning

Today is the beginning of the Rest of the journey.  I lift my eyes continuously to the hills, knowng it is the only place I can truly receive my help.  I am here, still in the process, as I till this new ground to prepare for the upcoming harvest.  I was surviving thus far from the seeds that had been planted in the past years, however, I recently discovered that in life, you will have more than one garden, more than one field, more than one time of sowing and more than one harvest.  I am grateful for that understanding. 

Today is the beginning of the Rest of the planting, the final water will fall and bring forth that which has been planted.  The labor has been intense, the new ground was so difficult to prepare, but I would not have been given this lot without the tools to bring forth fruit from it.  The tools were give to me long ago, they were put in my hands and my heart, before I appeared on this earth.  I have the tools, I have learned to use most of them and as I continue thi…