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Never Will Forget

Every opportunity I will remember, the promises that have been made to me by the lover of my soul.  I never will forget the way I have been loved without condition or bias, just loved.  A love that is limitless...a love that is pure, a love that does not seek self gain or satisfaction.  I never will forget this love that chose to give for me, not just anything, but everything.  This love that died in my stead.  When I think about the P.O.W.E.R. of love, this is what comes to my mind.  That I never will forget to love as I have been loved, to forgive as I have been forgiven, to live in appreciation for the life that was given instead of my own.  I never will forget who I am and whose I am, empowered with greatness, kissed with favor, blessed with gifts and ability to fulfill purpose and destiny.  I never will forget that my life matters, despite what it looks like today, despite the present circumstances.  An investment of blood and sweat were given for my life to matter.  And so, I wi…