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Joyful Submission

Simply submitting, my will to yours.  Joyfully giving up, no longer holding out, dismissing the fantasy that I can handle it on my own.  Recognizing that you are working out the details even as you clarify the picture that is before me.  What my eyes see, what my heart feels, what my mind comprehends is still so far from what you have in your mind for me.  So, I must go back to the letter you sent me...the Word that reminds me of your plans, your love, your sufficient grace.  The letter that you sent by your prophets and anointed men to encourage me when life becomes challenging.  I refer to the letter often when I have moments of doubt or when fear tries to take over.  I find promises, I find peace, I find healing, I find in the letter, everything that I need for this journey.  Most of all I find that your will for my life is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.  I find that you are my ultimate source and every resource I need you have, will, must provide.  You extended g…