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This Day

It is a blessed day, This day, the Thirty-First day of the fifth month in the year R&R (ReCover&Restore). It has been a year of change and challenge. But, This Day,I arise with a new sense of hop. This Day, I open my eyes with gratitude for the new mercies that have been given to me. This day, I am grateful for the amazing grace that has kept me on my journey. This Day, I praise God for favor, for P.O.W.E.R., for love and peace of mind.

I look back over my life and end up at This Day. I realize that no matter what has taken place, I am blessed beyond. I realize that my life is hid with christ. I realize that God is a keeper, a deliverer, a present help in the time of trouble. I realize most importantly, that I can trust God with my life, my times are in His hands.

I don't worry anymore about how the story ends, I just know that the author and the finisher of my faith is the same one who is writing my story. This Day, I live and give to Him all of me for His use …

Covenant Kept

It is the twenty-seventh day of the fifth month in the year R&R(ReCover&ReStore). As I continue to embrace Grace I am so grateful to be connected to the greatest covenant keeper. I am grateful that there is one in my life who always fulfills His promises. There is one in my like who means what He says and says what He means.
A Covenant kept even though He wept. How amazing the thought that someone would love me so much that He would give His life as the ultimate sacrifice for my soul, for my sin. A covenant kept even though there was really no gain for Him, no selfish reason that this was done for me. A covenant kept in the midst of the pain and suffering. A covenant kept despite what I have done and what I will do. A covenant kept despite what I have not done. I feel so unworthy at times, because of the frailty of my humanness, but this is the reason, Jesus has made a covenant and kept it.
A covenant to be my Peace, to be my strength, to be my refuge and a very p…

Embrace Grace

Today, it is blessed, the twenty-fourth day of the fifth month in the year R&R(ReCover&ReStore). Where would I be if not for His Grace? I have taken a look in retrospect and have looked forward, I stand in this present moment and introspectly examine me. Deep in my soul, asking the probing question, how will I make it? how did I make it? Will I make it? The answer is returned in the form of reality. I am standing, I am breathing, I am survived and have survived, and it can all be attributed to that Amazing Grace. Five letters...G R A C E. It has covered me in every season, every test, every trial of this life. Grace was here before I came, Grace will be here when I am gone. Grace applied, Grace Sufficient, Grace like a river, Grace is so significant. It keeps my mind, my tongue, my soul, my spirit.

So, my sisters, my friends, as I continue from this day, I hear the voice of the Lord saying, I see the thorns, I have allowed them. I see your test, I hardened the hea…

So Blessed

My mind is just in a place of thanksgiving and gratitude. It is the eleventh day of the fifth month in the year R&R(ReCover&ReStore). Without question, I am blessed. My sister, my friend, take some time to day and just give thanks because you are blessed. Inhale, exhale, you are So blessed. Look around through eyes that can see, you are So blessed. Put one foot on the floor and walk, you are So blessed. Look at your children, your husband, wife, life and loves. You are So blessed. So blessed, that you can't allow anything or anyone to make you doubt that. So blessed, that you can walk on water, just like peter did. So blessed that you have endured the fiery furnace(s) like the three Hebrew men. So blessed you have seen the glory like Isaiah. So blessed you have felt his grace and mercy like Mary Magdeline. So blessed you have given birth to his seed, like Mary. So blessed, despite all the mess, don't you dare stress, God will take care of the rest.


Relections of the Son

My sister, friend, it is a beautiful day. It is the tenth day of the fifth month in the year R&R(reCover&ReStore). Today, I want you to be encouraged in the fact that you were made in the image of God.. you are a reflection of Him. You are the epitome of greatness and goodness, if you allow the relection to shine. You are more then your human mind can imagine. You are one of God's greatest creations. He brought you forth with a purpose in mind.

Today sis, reflect on the goodness and mercy and grace of your father. Reflect on where you are and where you could be, where you deserve to be had it not been for the shed blood. The prioritized purpose of God to give you life, and a more abundant life.

It is not time to is the time to reflect...react and run. Today is your salvation even closer than when you first believed.

Reflections of the Sun, bring warmth to my face. Reflections of the son gives me hope and makes me smile. When down, I relfect on the t…

A Living Trust

And so, I continue to this very day. It is the ninth day of he fifth month in they year R&R(ReCover&ReStore). Blessed to be here and so thankful that It Did not Kill me. I still have nighmares about it. I still remember how difficult it was to get through it. So I must constantly ask God to keep and give me Living Trust. This Lving Trust is applied when I wake up in the morning and prepare for my "Step Order". Living Trust is needed when I experience a moment of sadness or lonliness after having done the will of God. Living trust is applied when my human man cannot understand what God is doing, why He has allowed a certain thing. Living Trust...will keep me steadfast and unmoveable. Living Trust is a constant presence of an activated faith in a living God and a loving father, in a knowledge that all things are working out for my Good...and for His Glory.

My sisters, my friends, Over these next few weeks, God is allowing the magnifying glass to come over us …

It did not kill gave me life

My sister, my friend, I am still alive. It is the sixth day of the fifth month in the year R&R(ReCover&ReStore). I am alive, if you are reading this blog, you are alive too. You know, while in the process, or anticipating the process, there have been occasions where I thought that if I would ever end up in this place...I would simply DIE. I am so happy to know that IT did not kill me. I thought if I did not have this person in my life, or if my dream did not come true at a particular time, or if the "Life plan" I had did not turn out right...I would not be able to go on. But, IT did not kill me. As I think about the process...the process of recovering and restoration...there are so many clues to show us that some trials that we go through, some encounters that we will have on this journey, may feel like death, but IT did not kill me. Loneliness at times, moments of despair and doubt. Life is simply a myriad of experiences, this side of life anyway. Even tho…

Processing the Process

Wow, what a great day to be alive...and well. I trust that you are experiencing a move of God in this season. It is the fifth day in the fifth month in the year R&R(ReCover&ReStore). I am stepping, walking through some tumultuous areas to ReCover and ReStore, but God's Word is true towards me and you my sister. He will ReCover and ReStore. But, nobody mentioned the process to me earlier;Or maybe they did, everything has to go through a process in order to arrive at the next stage, season, area for success. I am certainly reminded of the potter and his broken vessel, the wind and the rain that broke him was not even his fault, but he had to go through a grueling process of restoration. He was broken so that he could be a better vessel. Wow, who knew? So, my sisters, as you are right there in the middle of your process, I know, trust me I know sometimes as you look at where you are and you do know you are only enroute to the next place... but this is the place you a…

Now You Know...and you will be free

My sisters, my friends, another blessed day to be alive and well. It is a new month, the third day of the fifth month in the year R&R(ReCover&ReStore). The word today is Now you can no longer plead ignorance for your actions or lack there of. You are not justified to use the same old excuse for not moving...for not trusting, for not giving for not living. We have been given the word and grace...Now you know. Now you know that all things are possible if you just believe. Now you know that trials will come, but they won't last. Now you know that Joy comes in the morning, even if you have to cry all night. Now you know that "the greater" is in you. Now you know, my sister, most importantly, that all things, everything...ALL things work together for the good, if you love the Lord.

My sister, you can grow, now that you know what it takes to move from one place to another. More than anything my sister, know the truth, accept the truth, no matter…