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Keeping the Change

I am still living on the change.  It was traumatic, but it did not kill me.  I did pass out for a short time, I must admit that, but thankful I am for those who called the "Code" and revived me.  You, my sister, you my brother, thank you for being there for me.  So, here in the change, living the change, appreciating the change, accepting the takes time, but my mind is coming to grips with it.  My heart is trying to embrace it and continue to heal and get stronger.  Keeping the change and making it matter, will require discipline as never before, more tenacity than I ever thought I needed, the box is gone so of course I am thinking outside of it....I will keep the change and make it matter.  Making it matter because my life depends on it, making it matter because my sister's life depends on it, my brother's life is needing what I have left.  Making it matter, because there is a continuation to the story and I will keep moving, turning the page, trusting t…

Keeping the Change...Making It Matter


Write It Everyday...Right It Everyday

Wow, something was left over, from all of the seasons, experiences and transitions. Something remained, that is worth recognizing. When the thought that all things would remain constant, relationships, this body, this mind, my surroundings, suddenly or subtly, CHANGE manifested. Who expected it, who requested, no, not I. For me, everything was perfectly wonderful...who could ask for anything better. Life and living, it was oh, so sweet. Family to love and to give love, a spouse who provided spousal provisions...what more could one ask for. I am settled into this life, the only change I am expecting is more of the same. The only move to be made is the furniture; the only surprises will be the ones that others share with me. Not to affect me...neither to effect me.

But, HOLD ON>>>wait a minute, who is the author of this story anyway? Who holds each day in the palm of HIS hand? Who knows the end from the beginning...certainly not you…