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Experience ...From The Process

Celebrating the Experience...WITH NO REGRETS...without it, I would not be the woman, CERTAIN woman that I am today.  I became a Lady, because of it.  A mother of three was added to my badge of honor since I said "I Do".  The experience, I would not trade it because of it I am formed, full, whole and healed.  The experience took me to some of my highest heights and deepest depths.  The experience empowered me with the "stuff that makes great women", taught me the power of grace,humility, true love and forgiveness.  The experience put me on a level playing field and gave me extra gear to win the game.  The experience equipped me for the continuation and completion of my eternal journey.  The experience, it is the pages of my Her-Story, the true story for God's Glory.  Tear stained pillows, broken plates, marvelous memories and priceless possessions could have come only from the experience.  That of a wife...who said I do, I said I do...Been that exper…

AFTER The Process ...New Luggage Required

NEW LUGGAGE IS REQUIRED...I had to throw out the old suitcases, trunks and bags, they were still packed, so full of times and  things that are useless for the rest of journey.  My old luggage was battered, worn and torn, unable to carry the gifts of the present and future.  The handles were even broken off so I could not carry them with me even if I wanted to.  That old luggage, those old bags, they were quite useful for my journey up to this point.  Filled with all the necessities from my previous travels, which is proving to be very different from what is presently needed.

Out with the old, worn and torn, so bulky and awkward.  Out with the battered and shattered luggage that was used significantly and specifically for my previous travels.  Most of those bags have already been emptied, some will go out with the contents still inside.  Things I can no longer use, things I no longer need. For the Rest of the Journey...after The Process....NEW LUGGAGE IS REQUIRED.

Epiphany of a CERTAI…

The Process...No place for judges

THERE ARE NO JUDGES HERE!!!! We are all "Certain Women in the Press", on our journey, in our lane, trying to remain whole in the midst of it all.  Fighting to maintain our health and strength; renewing, refreshing, with each new day.

I take this time, this moment to appreciate you my sister. We are here, together, moving from transition to transition, challenge to challenge, glory to glory.   I know we are made of the same stuff that endures, the resilient stuff that regenerates and comes back to life again and again.

You fell, you fail, you will fall again.  You ran, you run, you will run again.  I've got nothing my sister, nothing but love for you!!  Take my hand, let's rise up from the ashes...Glory is waiting, after the process.


Epiphany of a CERTAIN Woman

Today --- AFTER the Process

Today, He allowed me to deliver...the baby that resulted from the process.  She is Liberty.  Today, He allowed me to share the precious gift that was given to me from His mouth.  Today He said, it is time to share, to enlighten, to talk about it. You have survived the process.  You are well, you are healed and there is health in your bones.

Today, He said you can share your journey through the process, it is necessary for their healing.  Today, give up the shame, take off the cover, open the book, open your mouth and read it aloud.  No more silent reading time.

Today, you can share because you have experience from the process, you have a story to tell about path to healing, wholeness and liberation resulting from the process.  You know you are loved, you are mine and mine alone.  I have shared you with him, her and them; I will share you again, I share you always as a vessel to show forth my glory.

Now speak of the Process, it is the necessary step en route to The Glory, My Glory tha…

The Process...necessary for Life

The process was created for you to live... and not die.  You were losing blood and vital organ functions, infectious tumors and tissue was everywhere.  YOU NEEDED help so you could live.  The process was created, one that would enhance your health and ensure life...and that more abundantly.  The will be painful, but it will not be fatal.  The will push you to the brink of your own, personal, human limitations; in every area you will be pushed...but you will not die!!!!

The process is necessary, absolutely, positively, without doubt, necessary for your survival.  You have been operating in an unhealthy state which if not corrected will lead to your death...but, a process was created, tailored, customized for you.  And after the process is will experience a renewed mind, body and soul.  You will know glory and it will know you.  You will be fully functioning, no more restrictions, no more limitations, you will be finally, healed, whole and livin…