Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Greetings my friends,

A great day to be here my sister-friends....it is the seventeenth day of the second month in the year of FULLNESS AND GLORY. I am so blessed to be learning my ABC's along with you. "this is not for wimps". Today, we share E....EXEMPLIFY EXCELLENCE. In this world of "just getting by attitudes", we certainly experience so many mediocre results. I am always encouraged when I realize that being in the image and likeness of God...I should never fail to put forth the efforts that will EXEMPLIFY EXCELLENCE. If I am created in the image of an all-wise, perfect God, who has numbered the hairs on my head...and If He has empowered me with HIM....to fulfill a purpose here on earth. Everything I do, should reflect the perfection and excellence of my creator. I cannot and will not settle for "Just so", I must, we must strive to EXEMPLIFY EXCELLENCE in every area, in every situation, in our talking and walking in our driving and striving....we cannot be just average or ordinary. In every relationship...it is me that must set the standard, EXEMPLIFY EXCELLENCE in how I love and care and serve. We are peculiar and must operate as such.

The result of these efforts....will mean the difference between that next promotion or recognition...between that next client or opportunity to share. It will mean giving someone joy over sadness and peace over confusion. When we set the mark high, we can certainly expect to move even higher. EXEMPLIFY EXCELLENCE.....and set an example for those who are watching you and following your lead. An example was set for us in the beginning.....let's follow His lead.

Epiphany of a CERTAIN Woman

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Charmaine said...

Exemplify excellence, indeed; but we must always remember that it is God that moves us. Once His Spirit is alive in us and He is all we see, then everything we do will inherently be excellent unto His Glory.

Bless you, Sisters.