Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sister in Silhouette

Part 1, Page 31, Chapter 2017 - My thoughts and words today are towards my Sisters in Silhouette or Shadow Sister.  So strong and powerful, but hiding in the background, regretting, unsure, feeling guilty or ashamed of surviving, or falling or getting up or winning or losing, if I can see your shadow, you are still here and now it's time to live.  Shadow Sister come out and be counted.  Standing strong there between the surface and the light as big as can be for all the world to see. Shadow Sister, protected from the rain, your face not showing yet, but must be revealed as proof for what is real.  We see your strength even in the shadow, as the light shines down on you, as you find your way between the hard spaces and difficult places.  We hear your voice yet strong and mighty your message shared from the shadow.  Making moves towards your destiny, breaking the chains and getting free.  Shadow Sister, don't fear, don't fret your moment is coming or your moment is here.  The world is a waiting for your manifestation you are the revelation.  The shadow is quite a sight to see, but not real or true it's only an image of the glorious you.  We all need your tender touch, your warm presence, your gift, your essence.  Come out of the Shadow Sister, live and be free!