Thursday, January 15, 2009


I greet you my sisters, on this fabulous day. It is the fifteenth day of the first month in the year of FULLNESS AND GLORY. You have the fire burning now....we offered the kindling to keep itgoing, and now, even after all the effort, the fire of your soul is burning, but you still, have some threats against the flame. You know, how it is, you are feeling fantastic, because all the around you there is wood, people who contribute to the flame....but what about those things that aren't conducive to the torch. What about that one person, that one event, that one experience that is like a bucket of water on the passion of your soul? You didn't see it coming and you couldn't react fast enough, so it instantly put your flame out. Well, my sisters, have not fear. There are situations and circumstances that can knock out our flame, it is so bad that we get drenched under the pressure. But, as a word of encouragement, let me, my sisters, are LIKE FLINT. What....yes, I read how some of the prophets in the scriptures had such a difficult job to do and such amazing odds to face, that God told them that He would make their face LIKE FLINT. FLINT is used to start a fire. Flint is hard and can stand difficulties. Even if broken down and broken into pieces, it is still capable of starting a fire, with just that spark. I pray for your face to be LIKE FLINT. I pray for you to be able to be lit up again after that last tragedy or the next one. I pray that you will not be afraid of the faces of the adversary and the haters that don't understand the Fiery passion in your soul. Be LIKE FLINT my sisters, and even when the flame goes out, you can strike it up again.

We are on our way....we are reaching that place, God is writing our story and He has promised, this year, despite what it looks like, we will experience FULLNESS and He alone will get the GLORY.

Epiphany of a CERTAIN Woman

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